Admission to the Undergraduate Programs

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How do I get into the program?
Once students are enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts & Science, they can take courses in Latin American & Caribbean Area Studies. Students are not required to submit a formal application to the program. Students become a major when they fill out a major declaration form in the program office or with an Advising Specialist.

Contact the program early for advising, particularly if planning to double major. Students who double major are advised each semester in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and their other department.

Admission to the Graduate Program

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We admit students for fall and spring semesters. The fall application deadline is January 15 (for funding priority and international applicants) and April 1 (for domestic applicants). The spring deadline is October 1 (for international applicants) and November 15 (for domestic applicants).

Admission to the graduate program in Latin American & Caribbean Studies requires a BA, preferably in one of the social sciences or humanities, language proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese as demonstrated by completion of a fourth-semester course or the equivalent, and acceptance by the graduate division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University of Kansas. Applicants whose grade point average is below 3.0 will not be regularly admitted to the degree program. However, a student with less than a 3.0 GPA may be admitted on a probationary or provisional status at the discretion of the departmental Graduate Committee.

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