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Admission Criteria

Careful course selection and steady progression through the undergraduate career is necessary to ensure all requirements for both degrees may be completed within a 5-year timeframe. All prospective students should discuss their interest in admission to the Accelerated Master’s in Latin American and Caribbean Studies degree program with their undergraduate advisor and faculty mentor no later than the first semester of the student’s Junior Year. Prospective students are eligible to apply to the graduate program in the second semester of their Junior year. The following requirements must be met by this time:

       -Major and cumulative GPA of at least 3.00;

       -On track to complete all requirements for a B.A. degree in Global and International Studies from KU by the end of the Senior year

Application Process

Applicants must complete an Application for Graduate Study (http://graduate.ku.edu/ku-graduate-application) online. The following information should be gathered in advance and uploaded with the application:

  1. Statement of interest that succinctly summarizes the students’ interests, education, their long-term career goals, and how the accelerated degree program will help them achieve those goals;
  2. A copy of the student’s KU transcript;
  3. The names of three persons qualified to comment on the applicant’s academic abilities and probable success in graduate study. These individuals will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation. At least two should be faculty members who have had the student in class.
  4. English Proficiency: If an applicant is not a native speaker of English, they must verify their English proficiency. Please see Graduate Admissions' English Proficiency Requirements

Upon review of the application for admission, the program will notify the student of their eligibility to begin coursework in the program.  Final acceptance will be contingent upon the following:

-Successful completion of all requirements for the bachelor’s degree;

-A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0;

-Completion of 12 credit hours at 500 level or above that count towards the CLACS major and graduate degree requirements (including the capstone course), with a grade of B or above;

-An official copy of the student’s undergraduate transcript will be required if final admission is granted


Any student who does not meet the minimum grade requirement for CLACS courses at the 500-level or above may be eligible for provisional admission to the graduate program, and/or may be required to repeat coursework before continuing in the program.

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