Degree Requirements 

A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours is required in social sciences or humanities courses with Latin American content. Students are able to specialize in regions and topics of interest, based on available classes and faculty expertise. At least 18 hours must have 50 to 100% of their content dedicated to Latin America. Literature courses with Latin American content at the 500-level or above (except PORT 611 and HAIT 500) may be counted as part of the 30 hours of coursework.

Required courses include:

  • Research Design for Area Studies (LAA 710). Incoming students should enroll in LAA 710 during their first spring semester.
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar on Latin American Culture and Problems (LAA 701). 
  • Two additional seminars with at least 50% of their content dedicated to Latin America, each in a separate discipline, at the 700 level or above (excluding thesis and reading hours).  

All students must consult the graduate adviser before enrollment each semester. Up to 12 graduate hours from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) may be applied towards the MA. To be eligible for the UCR exchange, students must have completed one semester's coursework at KU and must obtain the graduate advisor's approval for all courses to be taken at UCR prior to enrollment.

According to the enrollment policy of KU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, of which the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies is a part, students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour in the semester that they plan to graduate from KU.

Courses Offered

Language Requirements 

MA candidates must demonstrate comprehensive proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese.  Comprehensive proficiency includes aural, speaking, reading and writing ability. Completion of SPAN 424 and 428 or a graduate literature course constitutes comprehensive proficiency in Spanish. Comprehensive proficiency in Portuguese requires completion of a literature course at or above the 500 level.  The language requirements should be satisfied as early as possible in the MA program. Students must also complete two semesters in a second language: SPAN 104 and 108 for Spanish, PORT 104/106  and  108/110 or PORT 611 for Portuguese. Quichua, or Haitian Creole may be substituted as the second language.

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