Kreyòl Ayisen (Haitian Creole)

Fluency in more than one language and an understanding of literary and cultural context prepares students to become global citizens. Language study hones students’ communication skills and enriches their critical understanding of the world.

Learn the language and culture of the first independent nation in Latin America / the Caribbean and the second independent nation in the American Continent. Haitian-Creole is one of the two official languages of Haiti and has more than 10 million speakers. It is spoken widely in Haiti throughout the Caribbean basin, among Haitian-Americans in the United States, Canada, Chile, and France etc. It is recognized as an official French based Creole language in the Caribbean. Related creoles are spoken on Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Studying Haitian-Creole will equip students with essential communication skills to work in professional fields in healthcare, social research, counseling, management, education, public service, business, engineering, social services, art, history, construction, translation and interpreting in Haiti and among the Haitian community in places such as, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, or Montreal. Haitian-Creole studies at KU exposes students to a rich Haitian Culture through film, music, art, cuisines, games, literature, history, religion , philosophies, and rich oral tales.

External Resources:

Hatian Creole Alphabet and Pronunciation

Omniglot is an online encyclopedia of languages and writing systems that provides sample texts and pronunciation guides for many languages including, Hatian Creole.

English to Creole Dictionary

Cultural Orientation- Haiti

An introduction to phonology, sentence formation and vocabulary.

Kreyol Ayisen Study Abroad Opportunities:

Haitian Summer Institute; Florida International University

A six-week program designed for anyone interested in acquiring basic conversational proficiency in Haitian Creole and also for those students who wish to continue their Haitian Creole Language training at the intermediate and advanced levels. Participants are introduced to Haitian Langauge, history, and culture through lectures in English and Haitian Creole presented by nationally-recognized Haitianists and Diasporic leaders, film, technical training sessions and tours of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood.

University of Massachussetts Boston

This year the Institute will offer a three-week intensive program in different levels, geared toward the acquisition and practice of Haitian Creole. Also offered is a course in techniques of translation for advanced students. In addition to class work, all courses make use of cultural activities to enhance the study of the language. Evaluation of student achievement and proficiency for placement and progress will be conducted both informally and formally during and at the conclusion of the course. To give participants an additional immersion in the Haitian-speaking environment they will have an opportunity to participate, on a voluntary basis, in field work activities in different Haitian community-based organizations and agencies outside the classroom time.
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