Lusophone and Hispanic Visions

Lusophone and Hispanic Visions: Construction of Power and the Power of Construction

Friday, April 9-10, 2021

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One of the ways in which the human condition can best be described is as a dynamic between socialization and power. Given the current politically charged climate, the role of these dynamics to shape the individual, community, and nation have raised more interest in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Noting the imposition of power in these structures, to fragment, divide, unite, and displace, has been an integral process within the arts, in particular literature, to comment on this form of social stratification. When we examine Lusophone and Hispanic societies, it is impossible not to draw parallels between them and how the dynamic is a major fiber of this human condition. As the ever-changing world enters its next evolutionary step, the contribution of the arts and humanities to the conversation on the relationship between power dynamics, the individual, and society is both pertinent and needed.

We invite comparative papers about Lusophone and Hispanic cultures that provide a forum for the conversation that generates when the aforementioned is examined. We encourage a variety of perspectives, such as: social critique, (de)colonial studies, self-expression, queer theory, and other epistemologies. This is an invitation to analyze the formative nature of power and attempt to respond to “what is the power of construction?” and “What is the construction of power?” when applied to the self, community, and/or nation. Comparative papers with other focuses are also welcome.


Topics Include:

  1. Arts and politics
  2. Institutions of/with power
  3. Periphery and center
  4. The Pandemic and the arts
  5. Introspective approaches: Vices and Virtues
  6. Failed conditions: Nation or self
  7. Modes of communication: Power of expression
  8. “Queerscape” power: Land and/or mind
  9. Transformation
  10. Territorial condition: Colonizing/Decolonizing practices
  11. The human psyche

Our Keynote Speakers will be:

Dr. Robert Newcomb - Professor of Luso-Brazilian studies and Latin American Literatures-UC Davis (04/09)

Dr. Leila Lehnen - Associate Professor and Department Chair of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies-Brown University (04/10)

*We invite abstract submissions of 250-450 words in English, Portuguese and Spanish to Last date to submit will be March 26, 2021. For questions, please e-mail Dr. Luciano Tosta at and Manuel Rodriguez at

Sponored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and GRASP.

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