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Outreach Speakers

The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies maintains a list of speakers who can present on various Latin American subjects. They are available - free of charge - to speak at a variety of venues including community groups, schools, government agencies, and libraries within a 60 mile radius of Lawrence, KS.  Below is a list of available speakers with a brief description of their presentations and/or areas of expertise.  Please contact Danika Swanson at lasoutreach@ku.edu if you are interested in requesting a speaker.  We appreciate advance notice of at least three weeks.

**Updated Speaker List Coming Soon!**


Presentation on Tereré (30 min): By Gabriel Racca (KU Student from Asunción, Paraguay)

Materials needed:
Projector (hooked up to the computer)


Presentation Description:
Gabriel will give a brief introduction about Paraguay and will do a presentation on the significance and history of Tereré (Paraguay's national drink) with a demonstration. He is president of the student group Paraguay Kansas Committee.



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