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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CLACS staff is working remotely and away from campus. The best way to reach us for more information on study abroad is by email or through our Facebook and Instagram pages. You may also contact the Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors directly. Our response time might be slower than usual given the circumstances, but we will do our absolute best to respond quickly and help out in any way possible!

KU has the oldest continually operating US academic exchange programs in Latin America and supports strong linkages with Costa Rica, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Peru. Since 2000, contacts between KU and the University of Costa Rica (UCR) have included exchanges and symposiums involving CLACS faculty in Social Welfare, Journalism, Anthropology, Economics, Geography and History. The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies provides foreign study and travel opportunities to both graduate and undergraduate students. The KU Office of Study Abroad can help you find a program that fits your needs and they offer scholarships and financial aid. The Institute for International Education also offers many scholarships.



KU has a long-standing exchange with the Universidad de Costa Rica, and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese which support summer study programs in Salvador, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Interested students are encouraged to participate. Graduate students can undergo language training and conduct research throughout Latin America & the Caribbean.

The center has recently sent students to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. Students are encouraged to check with the graduate advisor on a regular basis for information on current sources of funding. The Office of Study Abroad can give up-to-date, specific information on language training programs in Latin America.



Study Abroad is central to language and culture study. Both CLACS and Spanish & Portuguese encourage majors to spend a semester in a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country. Students often choose a KU program in Costa Rica, Brazil, or Argentina. CLACS has made a special effort to link the study of Less Commonly Taught Languages to Office of Study Abroad Programs, which greatly increases the motivation for students to study these languages. For Portuguese, KU has an intensive summer program in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

For Kaqchikel, Emily Tummons has developed summer internship possibilities with the NGO WuQu’ Kawoq focused on health in Guatemala. Additionally, CLACS Lecturer Dr. Laura Herlihy leads a summer Miskitu language program in Nicaragua.


Language and Culture in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

The KU Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies announces its 2015 Study Abroad on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, July 3 - August 16.

Earn undergraduate or graduate credit in Nicaragua, while living and studying in the colonial city of Granada for two weeks and on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast for four weeks. Granada is a beautiful colonial city where students will practice Spanish, have excursions to volcanoes and artisan markets, and live with host families. Students will then travel to the Caribbean Coast, visit Corn Island and Bluefields, and reside in the Casa Museo bed and breakfast in Puerto Cabezas-Bilwi. From Puerto Cabezas-Bilwi, we will journey into the Rio Coco Indian communities and work closely with the indigenous university, The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN).

Students will learn about the language and culture of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, a rainforest and coast-lined region with various indigenous and ethnic groups, including the indigenous Miskitu, the Afro-indigenous Garifuna peoples, and the English-speaking Black Creoles. Courses offered include "Spoken Miskitu" (LAA 302/602), a course on the indigenous Miskitu language; and "Topics in Latin American & Caribbean Studies: Independent Research" (LAA 302/602), a course designed for students to complete a field-based research project on the topic of their choice. Students can take one or both of these courses; or 6 hours of either course. The courses fulfill requirements for the LACS major, including the requirement for "Fieldwork or Advanced Language Study" and for "Required Coursework" regarding Topic Groups of Primary or Secondary Emphasis.

Please contact the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies ( for more information.


Latin American Study Abroad Opportunities through KU

Information on study abroad programs through other sources available for semester, year-long, and summer programs through the Study Abroad Office.

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