Waggoner Research Colloquium

The Waggoner Research Colloquium was inaugurated in 1992 by past Director, Dr. Elizabeth Kuznesof. Latin Americanist faculty and graduate students affiliated with the Center have gathered each fall semester to celebrate the ongoing creation of scholarship about Latin America by KU faculty. The format usually includes an interdisciplinary panel on a particular theme, followed by a reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

2016 Waggoner Research Colloquium-Regions in Conflict.

In memory of Charles Stansifer (1930-2016)


Along with the scholarly program, the fellowship among colleagues and graduate students is a central part of the event. The interdisciplinary sponsorship is a testimony to KU’s continuing commitment to international education and its promotion of international consciousness among students and faculty. It also celebrates and carries on the legacy left by George Waggoner, in whose honor this Colloquium was founded.

Dr. Waggoner was Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from 1954 until 1975, when he became the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. During his tenure, Dr. Waggoner founded the College Honors Program and established educational ties with universities in the Caribbean and in Central and South America. He was presciently concerned with international programs and development and was instrumental in bringing many of the key Latin Americanists to KU who have helped make our programs distinguished.

The Waggoner will takes place Thursday, November 17th.

The panelists for the 2016 Waggoner Research Colloquium will be shared soon.

2015- "KU and Central America: Remembering Barbara and George Waggoner"
John Hoopes, Peter Herlihy, Cecilia Menjí​var

2014 - "Teaching as if North were South: Latin Americanist Pedagogy for the Midwest"
Lua Yuille, Caroline Chaboo, Peter Haney

2013 - "Brazilian Citizenship and National Identity: Music and Politics"
Elizabeth Kuznesof, Mariana Farah, Luciano Tosta

2012- "Alternative Images of the Nation"
Verónica Garibotto, Robert Schwaller, Ketty Wong

2011- "Visual Cultures in Latin America"
Steve Goddard, Tamara Falicov, Anton Rosenthal

2010-"Conservation and Biodiversity Knowledge in Latin America"
Joane Nagel, A. Townsend Peterson, Jorge Soberón, Gregory T. Cushman

2009-"Latin American and Transnational Identities: Gender, Space and Politics."
Santa Arias, Christina Bejarano, Ben Chappell

2008- "US-Mexican Migrations:History, Representations and Politics."
Sheyda Jahanbani, Stuart Day, Tonya Golash-Boza.

2007- "The Contradictions of Contemporary Brazil: Culture, Politics, Environment."
Christopher Brown, Gary Reich, Paul Sneed, Elizabeth Kuzensof

2006 -"Resistance, Endangerment and Identity in Latin America : Gender, Language and Culture."
Brent Metz, Anita Herzfeld, Yajaira Padilla

2005 - "Performing Identities in Latin America : Gender, Race and Politics."
Danny Anderson, Stuart Day, Laura Herlihy, Judith Williams

2004 - "KU in Cuba : The Agony and the Ecstasy."
Vicky Unruh, Marta Caminero-Santangelo, David Graham, Donna Luckey, Maria Velasco

2003 - "Teaching Latin America."
Chris Brown, Jill Kunheim, Brent Metz, Charles Stansifer

2002 - "Technologies of Reproduction and National Culture: Argentina , Costa Rica and Mexico."
Danny Anderson, Tamara Falicov and Gwynne Jenkins

2001 - "The Politics of Culture in Latin America : Cityscapes, Motherhood and the Romance of the Nation-State."
Lee Skinner, Tony Rosenthal, Lorraine Bayard de Volo

2000 - "Latin America and the History of Art."
Marilyn Stokstad and Patrick Frank

1999- "Empowerment through Education: Indigenous Communities in the Americas."
Michael Yellowbird and Susan Twombly

1998 - "Other Sides of the Border: Contemporary Hispanic Theatre."
Sharon Feldman, Vicky Unruh and George Woodyard

1997 - "From Villancicos to Villa-Lobos: Four Centuries of Latin American Music."
Paul Laird and Walter Clark

1996 - "Identity and Society in Latin America."
Danny Anderson, Bart Dean and Juan Velasco

1995 - "Impact of Trade Liberalization in Latin America."
Melissa Birch, Mehrene Larudee, Gary Reich, and Elizabeth Kuznesof

1994 - "Recent Fiction and Public Policy in Mexico."
John Brushwood

1993 - "Conservation and Development Issues in Latin America."
Jane Gibson, Peter Herlihy, Donna Luckey, and Paul Rich

1992 - "Inaugural Waggoner Research Colloquium."
William Griffith

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