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Undergraduate Program


Major Requirement Form (DOC)

For more information regarding admissions, degree requirements, degree plans, and honors, please refer to the Latin American and Caribbean Studies page in the KU Catalog

Requirements for the major

Students may choose to carry a double major (one in a particular discipline and one in Latin American & Caribbean Studies) or to complete a single major in Latin American & Caribbean Studies. In addition to meeting the College language requirement in Spanish, Portuguese, Kichwa, or Haitian Creole. All majors earn a minimum of 33 semester hours in substantive courses on Latin America.

Language requirements

The college language requirement must be met in either Spanish, Portuguese, Kichwa, or Haitian Creole. (Through 4th semester or equivalent)

Basic Requirements (9 hours)

9 hours of core Latin American & Caribbean Studies courses: (LAA 100, LAA 300, and LAA 450)

Advanced Requirements (24 hours)

The remaining 24 credit hours will consists of 12 credit hours each in 1) Culture, Literature and the Arts and 2) Society, Politics and Economics), from courses that have at least 50% Latin American content (including student work).  Please see the Latin American & Caribbean Studies course catalog to see which courses fulfill this requirement. No more than two of these can be numbered below 300 (and if Spanish courses are selected, they must be numbered 400 or above)

What will my program be like?

Each Latin American & Caribbean Studies major must have 124 credit hours to graduate. Most students average about 15 credits, or five courses, a semester. All majors will take at least 33 hours - 9 hours of core courses, The remaining 24 credit hours will consists of 12 credit hours each in 1) Culture, Literature, and the Arts, and 2) Society, Politics, and Economics from the program's list of required and suggested courses.

The program also requires proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, Kichwa, or Haitian Creole as demonstrated either through a proficiency exam or the successful completion of the fourth semester of the College's language sequence. Students who choose Spanish as their main language must complete Intermediate Spanish II ; those who choose Portuguese must complete Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese II.

Many students are able to complete their language requirements and courses for two majors within four years. They carefully plan a four-year program and take extra courses during summer sessions or in additional semesters. The number of semesters it takes to complete a double major depends on the level of language skill you have when you enter. For additional help in choosing courses see the Undergraduate Major Requirements Form, it is advised to make an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor to properly fill it out.

What courses will I be taking?

The Latin American & Caribbean Studies program is in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. First-year students in the College take English composition, math, and courses that fulfill general education requirements. The CLACS chapter of the Undergraduate Catalog gives more details. If you're earning a BA in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and have had some high school Spanish, your first year's schedule will look something like this:

First Semester




ENGL 101


3 hours

MATH 101


3 hours

LAA 100

Latin American Culture and Society

3 hours

SPAN 108

Elementary Spanish II

5 hours



14 hours

Second Semester




ENGL 102

Composition and Literature

3 hours

MATH 105

Introduction to Math Topics

3 hours

BIOL 100

Principles of Biology Lecture

3 hours

BIOL 102

Principles of Biology Lab

2 hours

SPAN 212

Intermediate Spanish

3 hours



14 hours

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