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Dear CLACS Community,

In light of recent events surrounding the deaths of black people in the United States, we at CLACS write in strong support of the ideals that underpin our Center’s mission. The horrific killing of George Floyd is part of the systemic racial violence that is part of this country’s history. CLACS has always promoted knowledge and understanding of the multiple cultures and heritages of the Americas and of the often violent regimes that have shaped them.

As scholars of Latin America and the Caribbean, we know all too well the legacies of colonialism and slavery and the histories of brutal oppression enacted on indigenous peoples and peoples of African descent in the Americas, as well as the grim records documenting state suppression of peaceful protest, into the present day. It is thus with more than heavy hearts that we have witnessed the events of the past days and months, events in which people of color have been harassed and murdered and in which individuals exerting their rights to protest systemic racism throughout the United States have faced efforts to silence their voices through police intimidation and palpable threats of violence by others. Sadly, these events are not new. We think of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Abner Louisma, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Travyon Martin and countless others.

But this is not just a matter of scholarly study; it is deeply personal. At CLACS, we’ve worked hard to build a diverse staff, predominantly of Latinx and African descent, that can connect to the communities that we serve. Needless to say, many in our student and faculty communities are also of African, Caribbean, indigenous, and/or Latin American heritage. Many of us do not feel safe in the current climate; many are anxious, fearful, and angry. At a time when the health and safety of our communities is paramount, many brown and black people are afraid to wear masks during this pandemic for fear that they may be harassed or even killed. As events of the last several years tell us, black males are especially at risk of being racially profiled and murdered.

We now stand with all people of color in the United States as they face police violence, the suppression of peaceful political protest, and everyday fear for their safety. We are also dismayed at recent reports of unrest in cities across the nation that has turned violent. In the spirit of asserting our commitment toward building a safe and healthy community for all, and of encouraging true, democratic, open discussion, we invite you to comment on the events around us and to offer your own visions for a path forward. We hope the rest of the KU community can join us in expressing our fears and frustrations. We insist that we must strive to make campus safer. We must strive to make Lawrence safer. We must strive to make all spaces safer. Please raise your voices.

Welcome to the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas (CLACS). Since our Center was founded in 1961, we have been distinguished nationally for our academic programs, interdisciplinary research projects, and outstanding faculty and students. KU CLACS is funded by the U.S. Department of Education as a designated Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies; we are also able to provide Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships for our students to learn uncommonly-taught indigenous and regional languages spoken throughout Latin America. As a designated NRC, we offer academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students in partnership with other disciplines around KU. In addition, we offer opportunities and funding to study and research abroad. CLACS serves KU as well as the Lawrence community and the state of Kansas by sponsoring cultural events, thought-provoking lectures, educator workshops, Spanish immersion retreats, and conferences / symposia to increase awareness and enhance understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. We invite you to participate in our “Charlas de Merienda” (community talks on pressing topics), our “Coffee and Tea Talk” series, our Hall Center seminar on “Colonialism” presenting faculty and graduate student research, and more. Explore our website for more information and a full schedule of events.

Bienvenue au Centre d’Etudes Latino-Américaines et Caribéennes (CELAC). Un chef de file dans les études des Amériques sur le plan national depuis 1961, nous offrons des programmes d’études interdisciplinaires au niveau Licence et Master; la possibilité d’étudier des langues autochtones, et un soutien aux étudiants en deuxième et troisième cycles pour effectuer des recherches en Amérique latine. Nous organisons également des programmes de sensibilisation culturelle sur la région pour le campus de l’Université de Kansas, pour les établissements scolaires de la maternelle en terminale et pour le grand public. Passez nous voir dans la Salle Bailey 320 et renseignez-vous au sujet de notre merienda, une série de conférences casse-croûte le jeudi à midi dans la Salle Bailey 318. Pour les étudiants diplômés et les professeurs de l'Université et d'autres institutions de la région, nous vous invitons au Séminaire "Colonialisme" dans le Hall Center for the Humanities.

Byenveni nan Sant Etid Amerik Latin ak Karayib la. Yon lidè nasyonal nan etid Amerik depi 1961, nou ofri diplòm entèdisiplinè nan nivo lisans ak metriz; nou ofri opòtinite pou moun etidye lang endijèn, ak sipò pou rechèch nan nivo metriz ak doktora nan Amerik Latin. Nou òganize pwogram sansibilizasyon kiltirèl sou rejyon an pou Kansas University, pou lekòl primè ak segondè epi pou piblik la an jeneral. Vin vizite nou nan Bailey Hall, 320 epi vin dekouvri pwogram merienda nou an, ki se yon seri de rankont entèlektyèl lè Jedi nan 12 PM nan Bailey Hall, 318. Yon elèv ki gradye ak pwofesè nan Inivèsite a ak lòt enstitisyon nan rejyon an, nou envite ou nan Seminè “Kolonyalis” nan The Hall Center for the Humanities.

Ikuychi "Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe de la Universidad de Kansas (CLACS-man).” Waranka isqon patzak soqta chunga shoq (1961) watapimi kay centroka wiñarirka. Kay Centroka kallarimanta pachami achka riksishka tukurka. Kay centroka allí umallikuykunata o proyectokunata, allí yachachikkunata, allí yachakujkunata charishpami shina riksichin. Kay Centropika, Bachillerato y Maestria programakunata y posgrado certificadokunata kunchik. Shinallatak, kay Centroka, Runa Shimikunapak wasimi kan. Kay Centropika Kichwata, Miskito shimikunata yachachinchik. Ashtawanpish, shoqtik shimikunatapish yachachinchikmi. Nishun, Criollo-haitiano, español, francés, portugués ta yachachinchik. Ñukanchikka anchayupayuk misionta charinchik, tandanakuykunata, ima ruraykunata posgrado yachakujkunapak may quskakunapi paykunapak especialicionkunawan tukuchinkakuna. Ashtawanpish CLACS-ka Lawrence kitipi y estado de Kansaspi, ima hayka programakunawan, yachachina materialkunawan America Latina y Caribe yachaykunamanta rikuchinkapak. Mana latinoamericanokunata Estados Unidospi washayachishpalla chaskinchik. Kay Sumakyachanawasipi eventokunawan minkachishpa, wawakunapak yachanawasikunapi, may shoq atikuy (acceso) quskakunapipish rikuchinchik. Minkaripaychik ninchik (Merienda) chay yachakujkunapak rimaykunata uyankapak. Kay rimaykunaka chusqo pacha Chaska chishipimi kan. Kayka 320 Baileywasipimi kan. Posgrado yachakujkunapak, shoq estadomanta yachakujkunapakmi kan. Hall Humanidades Seminariokunaman shamupaychik. Kay willaykunaka kay Centro web p’ankapimi kan.

Yamni Balram Karibean bara latinoamerica kulka dimaia watla ra Kansas kul tara watla bilara (CLACS). 1961 manka ra aisubi takan, Pas taim Wina wan kulka watla ba nina tara bukansa ai kulka warkka nani uba pain dauki aula mita wan tawanka aiska bilara, estudio warkka nani bara pana pana wark dauki waia dukiara lan takisa kulka watla aiska bara kul tuktan Nani sin. Bachillerato bara Maestría klaska yabisa, baku sin posgrado Nani bara kul tuktan Nani bachiller takaia want sa kaka. Baku sin yawan Nani insin Bila wal kulka smalkisa (kichua bara miskitu) bara baku sin Karibean Bila wala Nani lan takbia dukiara ta baikanka yabisa (criollo haitiano, Ispail, francés bara portugués). Yawan Nani warkka kau tara ba yang Nani kul tuktan Nani latinoamerica dukiara lan takaia want sa taim, yang Nani witin Nani ra Ta baikisna, diara manas Nani wal. Baku sin, CLACS Lawrence uplika nani ra ilp munisa baku sin Kansas tawanka tara ra sin, latinoamerica bara Karibean dukiara lan takbia dukia Nani wal. Baku sin latara swiras Latinoamericanos iwanka natka Nani tech bilara bara baha aisikaikaia dukiara yang Nani wark ailal dauki yakawisna kul tara watla bilara bara baku sin primaria and secundaria kulka Nani ra. Man Nani sut ra mai paiwisa Meriendas watla baha ra wan kulka tuktika Nani wark manas daukisa praidi tutni bani 12 tutni ra Bailey 320 apiska ra). Yawan san kulka tara dimi tuktika Nani ra bara kul watla tara wala Nani tuktika Nani ra mai paiwisa Hall Center latiomamerica uplika iwanka dukiara bara baha informacionka sut witin Nani ai internet Pliska ra sakma.

Bem-vindos ao Centro de Estudos Latino Americanos e Caribenhos da Universidade de Kansas (CLACS). Fundado em 1961, desde seu início nosso Centro tem se distinguido nacionalmente por seus programas acadêmicos, projetos de investigação colaborativa e interdisciplinar e excelência dos seus professores e alunos. Oferecemos programas de estudos de Bachalerado e Mestrado, certificados a nível de pós-graduação e um “minor” para os estudantes de bachalerado em outras disciplinas. Além disso, hospedamos os programas de idiomas indígenas (kichua e miskitu) e estimulamos o estudo de outras línguas da região (crioulo haitiano, espanhol, francês e português). Um dos aspectos mais importantes de nossa missão é organizar e administrar eventos e recursos para os estudantes de pós-graduação e professores que se especializam na região. CLACS também serve a comunidade de Lawrence e do estado de Kansas com programas e materiais para a educação sobre a América Latina e o Caribe. Sem deixar de lado a experiência dos Latino-americanos nos Estados Unidos, patrocinamos eventos na universidade, nas escolas, e em outros lugares de acceso para o público em geral. Lhes convidamos aos bate papos (Meriendas) com nossos estudantes, professores e convidados que acontecem às quintas-feiras às 12 horas da tarde (Edifício Bailey 320). Convidamos os estudantes de pós-graduação e os professores da área de Humanas da universidade e outras instituições da região aos seminarios “Colonialism” do Hall Center for the Humanities.

Bienvenidos al Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe de la Universidad de Kansas (CLACS). Desde su fundacion en 1961, nuestro Centro se ha distinguido a nivel nacional por nuestros programas académicos, proyectos de investigación interdisciplinarios y profesores y estudiantes sobresalientes. KU CLACS es financiado por el Departamento de Educación de los EE. UU. como Centro Nacional de Recursos (NRC) designado en Estudios de Latinoamerica y el Caribe; Adicionalmente, proporcionamos becas de estudios de idiomas y áreas extranjeras (FLAS) para que nuestros estudiantes aprendan idiomas indígenas y regionals de Latinoamerica que se enseñan de manera poco común en los E.E.U.U. En nuestra capacidad como NRC, ofrecemos programas académicos para estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado en asociación con otras disciplinas en KU. Además, ofrecemos oportunidades y fondos para estudiar e investigar en el extranjero. CLACS sirve a KU, a la comunidad de Lawrence y al estado de Kansas organizando eventos culturales, conferencias provocantes, talleres para educadores, retiros de inmersión en español y conferencias / simposios sobre temas en Latinoamerica y el Caribe. Le invitamos a participar en nuestras "Charlas de Merienda" (charlas con la comunidad sobre temas importantes), nuestra serie "Coffee and Tea Talk", nuestro seminario sobre "Colonialismo" en el Hall Center, cual presenta la investigación de profesores y estudiantes graduados, y más. Explore nuestro sitio web para obtener más información y un calendario completo de eventos.

Ütz ipetïk pa re Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe de la Universidad de Kansas (CLACS). pa Q’anchi'. Toq xtikirisäx re qasentro pa juna' 1961, etaman pe qawäch a chi jun Amaq’ roma ri nimaläj taq qatijonela' chuqa’ koma ri qatijoxela’. Ri CLACS pa Nimatijobäl richin Kansas, KU, nuya’ rupwaq ruma ri “Departamento de educación” richin Estados Unidos. Chupam ri ruprograma “título VI, Centro Nacional de Recursos,” (NRC) pa Q'anchi'. Pa estudios “Latinoamericanos y del Caribe.” Röj chuqa’ yojtikïr niqaya to'onïk richin arte chuqa’ ch'ab'äl richin juk'an ya' (FLAS) richin ri qatijoxela' yetikïr nketamaj qawinäq ch'ab'äl chuqa’ ch’aqa’ chik ruq’a’ ch’ab’äl richin tinamït richin “Latinoamerica,” ri ch'ab'äl man b'enaqïl ta yek’ut. Roma röj öj taqon (NRC) niqasüj programas richin grados/licenciaturas chuqa' postgrados kik'in ch'aqa’ chik disciplinas wawe' pa Nimatijob’äl richin Kansas. Chuqa’, nqasüj oportunidad chuqa' pwäq richin nb'an solna’oj o solsamaj juk'anya'. CLACS nuya’ ri Nimatijob'äl KU chuqa’ ri tinamït Lawrence y ri “Estado richin Kansas” taq yeqab'än “patrocinar eventos culturales, presentaciones” richin ri winäq nk'astäj kina'oj; k’utunïk kichin tijonela', “retiros de inmersión” richin kaxlan, chuqa' tzijonem, simposio richin ri winaqi' niketamaj pa ruw'i' chuqa’, nq'ax chi kiwäch ri k'aslem pa Centro América y Caribe. Yaqapeyoj richin yak’oje’ qik’in pa qatzijonik yeqab'än pa ramaj richin ri kolob’äl (pa kiwi' janila k'atzinel tzijonïk) chupam ri qaserie richin “Coffee and Tea Talk," ri qatzijonïk pa ruwi' colonialismo nuya’ pa “Hall Center” akuchi' ri tijonela' chuqa’ ri tijoxela' nikik'üt ri kisolsamaj yekib'än. Tanik'oj chupam ri qak’amaya’l richin nawïl b’a’ chik rutzijol chuqa’ ri ramaj richin ronojel ri qasamaj..

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