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The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies offers funding for undergraduate and graduate students and helps students find grants, fellowships, assistantships, awards and scholarships from other sources.

Students may apply for Honors Fellowships, Summer Fellowships, Minority Student Fellowships, and Graduate Fellowships. The Center supports Ph.D. research through the Stansifer Fund, the Oppenheimer Memorial Fund ($6,000 per year for student research on Latin American topics), and Tinker Field Research Grants (1995-97; 2000-03, 2007-10; 2014-2017; 2020-2022). Interested graduates may also apply to become GTAs in Spanish & Portuguese (PDF). The Center also supports undergraduate students who wish to study abroad in Latin America through the Anita Herzfeld Award.

KU strongly supports Study Abroad and intensive language opportunities for Graduates. The Chancellor has a fund of $46,000 yearly for Costa Rican fellowships and exchanges. Such opportunities are critical for developing advanced language abilities. Other financial aid may also be available through external sources.

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